JSW Releases Newly Developed "J-ADS" Series Medium-size Electric Servo Drive Injection Molding Machines.


JSW releases new "J-ADS" series medium-size electric servo drive injection molding machines on March, 2nd in addition to the current "J-AD" series. The concept of the new series is "ANSHIN for all customers" which shows JSW's confidence of machine reliability, usability, maintainability and etc. The biggest advantages of the new series are "highly operator-friendly", "running cost reduction" and " standardization of optional equipment".

The J-ADS series equips multi-touch HMI (Human Machine Interface) first among Japanese manufacturers and provides the same operation as tablet devices, and it is the highest level operator-friendly machine in the industry.
New function "J-Assist" helps mold set-up, making molding parameters and trouble shooting. And J-ADS series improves preventive/predictive maintenance such as new function "J-Support" which announces the maintenance timing of consumable parts.


J-ADS Series

Clamping Force Model
2,160kN(220t) J220ADS-300H,J220ADS-460H,J220ADS-890H
2,750kN(280t) J280ADS-460H,J280ADS-890H
3,440kN(350t) J350ADS-460H,J350ADS-890H,J350ADS-1400H
4,420kN(450t) J450ADS-890H,J450ADS-1400H

Main Features

  • Operator-friendly
    • Multi-touch HMI "SYSCOM5000i"
    • Molding support function "J-Assist"
    • Preventive/Predictive maintenance function "J-Support"
  • Running cost reduction
    • Energy saving barrel (10% reduction compared to the current J-AD series)
    • Grease saving, reduced by 11% compared to the current J-AD series
  • Standardization of optional equipment (Some optional features become standard)
    • Wide Platen
    • Daylight extension 100mm etc.
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